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Legalizarea prostituţiei va duce la eliminarea traficului de femei?

Legalizing Prostitution Will Eliminate Sex Trafficking?

Analiză realizată de United Families International – SUA

Feminist Claim Legalizing Prostitution Will Eliminate Sex Trafficking

US President Barack Obama declared January 2010 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and asked everyone to recommit themselves to ending the modern practice of slavery in the world.  Human trafficking is an international problem where men, women, and children are victimized through force, fear, and threats.  Women and children are particularly vulnerable to this black market industry because of the demand for prostitutes around the world.  Sex trafficking is a violent crime which is primarily perpetrated against females.  Most women who enter the industry do so before the age of 16 and are submitted to violence, sexual and physical abuse, and rape.

Sex trafficking is an epidemic which does not limit itself to one place or one group of people.  Too often the crime of sex trafficking is ignored because it is termed prostitution.  The majority of sex trafficked women end up in unfamiliar countries, stripped of every right to control what happens to their own bodies and given no power to negotiate for their own safety.  Reclassifying the act as prostitution by giving a woman a little money only serves to mislead individuals from what is actually happening – sexual abuse, rape, violence, and battery.  Study after study has shown us that an overwhelming majority of women who are currently working as prostitutes did not enter the industry willingly and want out of the industry immediately.

The Opposition’s Agenda

Many feminist groups and leftist governments from around the world would try to convince us that the only way to stop the sex trafficking of women and young girls is to legalize and regulate prostitution and provide sex workers with rights. It is argued that women have the right to decide what they do with their bodies and if they choose to participate in prostitution then that should be within their rights.

What these groups aren’t saying is that the women who participate in prostitution are not choosing to do so but are resorting to the only options left available to them.  It is a modern form of slavery; for the most part, these women are not free to make their own choices.  Women sex workers disproportionately come into the industry from poverty and from marginalized ethnicities and races.  Far from the picture of women’s rights that is painted by nongovernmental organizations and leftist countries is the reality of women being turned into commodities to be bought, sold, and victimized for someone else’s profit.  Unlike what these groups may claim, prostitution systematically discriminates against women, children, and those from the poorest and most disenfranchised ethnic and racial groups.

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